We're Having Withdrawals from the London Street Style Scene, Are You?

22 Jul , 2020

Remember the days where we'd walk the streets and witness the beauty and creative flair of Londoners take on fashion and street style. Social distancing has encouraged people to express their styles virtually, but there is something so much more organic and fascinating about seeing people use the streets as their personal runway. Particularly during fashion week, a week known for bringing out the best from the boldest fashionistas but it might be a while before we feel that fashion-week buzz again. Will it ever be the same?

This week, we've partnered with Kelly Gellard, a London based fashion photographer to take a trip down memory lane. We've picked some of the top styles she's captured from the last two fashion week seasons. Kelly has worked with and shot for some of the best brands and publications such as Smode and Gmaro Magazines, so we already know she has a phenomenal eye for capturing people.  The self-expression and individuality in these photos are well portrayed as she spotlights a range of streetwear, casually eccentric and modernly chic by the fashion obsessed. Now, let’s take a walk down nostalgia road.



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