7 things we can learn from June Ambrose

18 Aug , 2020

 by Blair Naima

I remember years ago, (circa 2012) when June Ambrose emerged from behind the scenes and became a star in her own right with her reality show 'Styled by June'. Known for being a stylist to the stars, June built a strong portfolio of clients such as Jay Z, Diddy and Mischa Barton. But, it wasn't just her flashy client list that had people drawn to her, she is also branded as one of the most interesting people in Hollywood …  by myself. From her unique and quirky sense of style to her take- no-shit approach to work, June has a fun-loving personality. This includes the passion and love she has for her craft, which she so vividly expresses in design and by uplifting others through style.

In a 2012 interview with Media Bistro, June talked about putting Jay-Z in his first suit and strategically choosing Armani. She was dressing "an extension of himself and who he ultimately wanted to become" — a business man and mogul. Style and fashion is about “role playing and dressing your alter ego”, says June. And she’s not afraid to push her creativity to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones, because within that discomfort, is where growth happens.

Honestly, we can learn a thing (or 7) from this fierce content creator. Check out the 7 style lessons we can learn from June Ambrose. And if you learn anything, understand it always comes down to being yourself. If June’s style is unique to her, trust when we say your style can and should be unique to you. 

 1. Don't be afraid to mix prints and patterns

June Ambrose Celebrity Stylist


2. Find Your Statement Piece

June Ambrose isn't afraid to accessorise and this has become her statement. Hats being her top accessory


3. Don't limit yourself. Switch it up, have fun with your style and experiment

4. Create your own fierce

5. Style + attitude = Confidence

You’ve got to believe it before anyone else does. Why do you think Rihanna can get away with wearing anything?  Don't be afraid to express yourself and be confident in your style, it shows!

6. There’s always an opportunity to be casual AND chic!

7. Iconic class

Elevate your circles. The saying, ‘your network is your net worth’ is true, Helping make the people around you better will in turn help your level up.


June Ambrose, Asap Fer, Kerby Pyer Moss

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