Season 7 Event: The Power of Style Recap

23 Oct , 2019

In October, Season 7, the platform for emerging brands stocking some of the hottest coats & jackets around, launched the first of a series of events promoting their brands core values: fashion and well-being and how the two link together.

Held in an intimate space inside one of London’s private members clubs ‘The Library’ at the heart of Covent Garden, I knew the event was set to be a success from the moment I arrived. Whether it was the smooth tunes of Erykah Badu in the background, the modern yet deeply classical British vibe of the space or simply the incredibly good looking crowd - the atmosphere for a great night was set from the start.

I arrived by myself but didn’t stay like that for long. I was greeted by Season 7 founder Blair Clarke and some of the other guests and was shown to a seat. Not long after I got myself settled with my mandatory glass of Prosecco and pen and paper in hand, Blair got on the mic to welcome her guests and kick off the night. 

The evening was split into two parts: The first conversation was between Blair and her first two guests Chloe Pierre (Social Media influencer and Founder of the wellbeing platform ThySelf) and Tiwalola Ogunlesi (Self-love Activist, Public Speaker, Life Coach and Founder of Confident and Killing it). Focussed on part one of Season 7’s core values, the three women had an engaging and helpful conversation about being ones authentic self, dealing with mental well-being and how fashion can help us express ourselves.

From talking about the power of the mind and the importance of creating a new narrative of self-love in our thought life, to mastering well-being basics like enough sleep, healthy habits and a good community, the conversation hit all the key topics that this generation of modern, big city young professionals deal with and the Q&A that followed showed how engaged the crowd was. Towards the end of the conversation, our host Blair landed the panel with the question of style and how both Tiwalola and Chloe felt their style affected them and their well-being. The bottom line: dress to express yourself whilst being intentional and paying attention to the message you want to communicate. (Something which rings true with the SEASON 7 platform filled with statement outerwear to enable you to stand out from the crowd and be who YOU are)

During a short break, whilst filling up on my Prosecco (don’t judge) I got to chat to some of the guests and the collective vibe was what a great night everyone was having. Talking to one guest in particular, Derek, he echoed a lot of what the panel said and emphasised how important it was that our generation remembers that ultimately the most attractive and stylish thing any of us can do is let our inner light shine and express ourselves to the full. I couldn’t agree more and was curious to hear what the second conversation would have to add to that thought.

The next round of guests was just as impressive as round one. Jen Scott (founder of Hustle & Heels), Anabel Maldonado (fashion journalist, founder of The Psychology of Fashion) and Tanya Varma (stylist, creative consultant and founder of Ghadia London) had a very interesting and versatile discussion about the interplay of fashion, style and self-expression. Whilst they all agreed that dressing in alignment with oneself was imperative, the opinions deviated a little on whether or not we should simply throw out any concern with society’s expectations and only wear whatever it is we feel like wearing, or whether there was a need to at times adapt to our environment. Ultimately the consensus everybody came to was this: Fashion and style are a language and as long as we are aware of the fact that what we wear always communicates something and therefore requires intentionality as we are presenting ourselves and therefore our brand to the world, we can wear what we like.

One of my favourite parts of the conversation was when Anabel Maldonado quoted Paulo Coelho (who happens to be one of my favourite authors) in the context of the interplay of our inner life and what we choose to wear:

‘You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly you must pretend and invent.’ Paulo Coelho

Ain’t that the truth? My take home from this brilliant night was certainly this: I can be whoever I want to be, wear whatever I want to wear as long as I remember that style and fashion are a language I can use to express myself, a language that can help lift my mood and help me be my best me.

By the end of the night that closed with yet another engaging Q&A, it was fair to say that we had all learned something or – at the least – got given language to express some deep truths we’ve known for a long time.

I for one am already looking forward to the next one of Season 7’s events and will certainly be browsing some of their stylish Winter coats and overcoats on their website for the no-longer to be denied winter. (it is after all THE place to find the best coats & jackets from emerging designers from all over the world.)

(You should too!)

Be sure to keep up to date with everything Season 7 by following them on Pinterest for inspiration, Instagram and Facebook for exclusive customer first information about the newest brands and of course stay tuned for the next event!



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