Letter From Our Founder

14 Apr , 2020

To my fashionistas, style enthusiasts and those still figuring it out.


Season 7 entered the year with a mindset and strategy to change, however, our unexpected circumstance has confirmed the need for this. We have always had you in mind and always will. Inspiring and motivating you has always been at the heart of what we do and right now it is more important than ever to remind you to love on yourself and to creatively explore. There are no expectations other than the ones you place. There's a large element of this that is out of our control. So we encourage you to focus on what you can control - Your time and your mindset.


We plan to still deliver inspiring, engaging and feel good content. Keep you on top of your fashion know how, motivate and empower you to be and feel confident as well as help you continue to build a wardrobe you are proud about.


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