International Women's Day: We highlighted a few women you should know and celebrate

08 Mar , 2019

Written by Blair Naima.


What a day to celebrate! It is International Women’s Day and as a platform that advocates for empowerment, confidence, bossing up and self love, we chose to highlight a few women who are stylish, fierce and killing it in their industry. Some you may recognise and some you may not, but get to know them all. Their journeys are worth following.

But before we jump into these amazing women. Lets first discuss what International Women’s Day is about for those that may be a little less aware. 

Celebrated annually on the 8th of March since 1911, this day globally recognises and celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action.

If we listed every woman we wanted to celebrate, this list would be endless, so we ‘shortlisted’ a few women we wanted to recognise on this day. Get to know them, and also share with us some women you celebrate! 

Yasmin Sewell

Yasmin Sewell London Fashion Week

Former VP of Style and Creative at Farfetch and overall inspiration, this mom and total power house, has a style that screams sophisticated yet fun. She deserves a shout out on this celebratory day.

Zerina Akers

Zerina Akers Paris Fashion Week

Celebrity Stylist and Image Architect, Zerina has no quorums with staying on top of her fashion game. She’s currently the fashion visionary behind Beyonce’s fierce and dramatic looks and has racked up an impressive client list such as Chloe x Halle and Yara Shahidi. Achieving these levels of success is not easy, but its possible and always worth celebrating.

 Amanda Murray

Amanda Murray - LondongirlinNYC Paris Fashion Week

Amanda, also known as @londongirlinnyc, lives the life she preaches. As a private client stylist for Farfetch, you’ll never have a dull style moment with this fashionista. She dresses the part daily and fully embraces her personal style with no need for validation. This woman is goals and definitely worth celebrating.



Beyonce Halloweeen Lil Kim

There’s no need to even go in depth about this global icon. She’s Queen B, Mom, Aunty to many fans and inspires women all over the world. What can we say that you all don’t already know. But the reason why she is who she is, is because of hard work and dedication. She embraces the power she has as a woman and an individual and even when she didn’t succeed in every attempt, she kept going and continues to. 


Candice Fragis

Candice Fragis Fashion Week Yellow Coat Streetstyle Photography

Former Buying Director at Farfetch and cowboy boot connoisseur, Candice started her buying career on the shop floor at Browns (now owned by Farfetch) and worked hard for a seat at the table. She embodies the concept of cool and flaunts her personal boho-chic style. She is a fellow advocate for women and supporting one another – what better day than today to highlight this inspiration!?




Solange has so brilliantly and confidently evolved into a staple figure in the creative industry. She is an artist in many regards and has one hell of a fashion sense. Her personal style is so personal and individualistic; it is clear why she is a style icon. She is a beautiful example of living in your truth and being comfortable and confident in who you are!


Lindsey Peoples Wagner

Lindsey Peoples Wagner Cab NYC

From an intern to Editor in Chief at Teen Vogue, Lindsey has worked hard for her achievements. Not only does she love fashion, she is a firm advocate for culture and has no problem celebrating and acknowledging hers. She os someone to definitely keep note of.


Leandra Medine Cohen

Harling Ross Manrepellar

Revolutionary in its own right, Leandra started Manrepellar as a fashion blog and has built it up to be one of the most respectable online publications. She is a force to be reckoned with and we are so proud to celebrate her on this day.


Caroline Issa

Carolin Issa Fashion Week Leather Jacket

Besides being the chicest woman in town, Caroline is the publisher and fashion director of Tank magazine, editor of and creative consultant for several luxury fashion brands.


Mercedes Benson

Mercedes F Benson London DJ

Mercedes Benson is definitely on the come up. A talented DJ and style icon in her own right, she is on our radar and she should be on yours as well. She’s an advocate for female empowerment and confident in who she is in her style and her voice.


Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Billionaire

Love her or hate her, we can’t deny that Kylie is at a height of her career and her style is on point. Recently crowned with the controversial billionaire title – but listen, regardless of where or how you start- having the initiative to start and then build a company is worth celebrating.


Cardi B

Cardi B International Womens Day

How can you hate Cardi B. She is one of the most liberated people in this world and her style reflects her mood always. She has had one of the most remarkable come ups. We all know how she started, but what’s important is where she is now and how she will only continue to grow as a celebrity, an artist and pubic figure.


Shermadean Reid

Wah Nails Sharmadean Reid IWD

Sharmadean Reid is an inspiring entrepreneur – she’s founded Beautystack and WAH Nails and has a mission to use technology to empower women, economically, socially and culturally. As a former fashion stylist and brand consultant, She then founded WAH Nails as a side project in 2009 and has changed the beauty industry with infusing the millennial voice and feminist attitude. She is a boss and cultural innovator.

Dana Hourani

Dana Hourani Fashion Influencer

Dana has been a girl crush of ours for a while now. With her eyes originally set out on music, she’s made her mark in the fashion industry and her vintage vibe and impeccable style is one to celebrate. She not only infuses fashion in her style, but also art and is accelerating with her social media content.



Kahlana Barfield

Kahlana Barfield Instyle Luxury Streetwear

She is another powerhouse who has managed to work her way up from intern to fashion and beauty editor of Instyle. Although, she’s now left, her experience and hard work has awarded her the opportunity to consult big brands in this industry which has also given her the title of somewhat an influencer. Her style is one that inspires our brand and we admire her ability to do it all.




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