Welcome To Season 7: The Global Destination For Statement Outerwear

09 Apr , 2018

Written by Blair Naima.


Welcome to Season 7! We wanted the first post on the blog to welcome you, our readers, and to give more information as to what you can and should expect from us.

Firstly, as the tagline reads, we are “The Global Destination for Statement Outerwear”. What does that exactly mean? Well, come September, we will offer an e-commerce platform for you and all of your friends as a go to site for exciting and contemporary coats and jackets. We are scouting cool and interesting emerging fashion brands from around the world that embody something new and unique so that we can curate a space here on Season7.co.uk with a range of statement outerwear. Different styles, lengths, colours, details and materials – we are so excited to create this hub to help feed your closets with so many different ways to express yourself and your style!

We can ensure these 8 characteristics when choosing chosing the brands to work with and products to offer as it is important to provide you with a skilfully curated edit of outerwear. Not only do they complete your stylish looks, they make a statement as a signature piece.

  • Bold & Confident Colours 
  • Directional
  • Patterns & Textures
  • Edgy
  • Attention to Detail
  • Fun
  • Practical
  • Interesting

It is also important to use this as a platform for up and coming/emerging brands. We support and encourage collaboration and growth, but we also know how much you enjoy walking down the street and not seeing 4 other people in the same coat! Hey, we do too! Your statement is your own and you won’t have to worry about making the same statement as the other person at the other end of the same tube car.

So with all of that being said! This is what to look forward to. In the meantime we are dedicated to bringing you along with us on this journey towards launch as well as giving you so much interesting and engaging information and advice.

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