7 IG Live Series You Need For Your Mind, Body & Wardrobe

17 Jul , 2020

During quarantine, we've seen the rise in popularity of IG Lives that evolved into reoccurring series and our new source of entertainment. Some, we just can't live without. We've rounded up 7 of our faves that you need watch right now. 


Marjon Carlos
Your Favorite Auntie

Marjon Carlos is a journalist who represents being an “unapologetically Black” woman. Her sit-down IGTV series “Your Favorite Auntie” is a platform she uses to voice her cultural concerns fused with tantalising advice and opinions shared by her viewers. Every Sunday, Marjon aims to “join her journalism with being an auntie” creating a space where she is open-minded yet culturally in tune when it comes to speaking about current issues involving race, relationships, Covid-19 and trauma. Marjon’s down to earth, communal, and interactive vibe will have you thinking she really is part of the family.

Marjon Carlos IG Live Series Your Favorite Auntie

Toni Blaze
Quarantine Conversation

Toni Blaze, creative director at Wonderland Magazine is giving us all the entertainment we need to get through this quarantine. On Toni’s IGTV series ‘Quarantine Conversation’, she invites celebrities, artists and influencers to have a fun, light and honest chat about their quarantine experience. Her down to earth personality and a friendly vibe makes her show feel like you’re having a cup of tea, while listening to your friends share the tea. And we love it. Covering everything from what people are cooking at home to uncovering whether the honeymoon phase of quarantine is well and truly over, Toni invites us all to enjoy a show that’s fun, inspiring and relatable.



How To Become

Another one from Toni Blaze because she is just THAT good. We had to add in Toni’s British Fashion Council ‘How To Become’ IGTV series. In this entertaining and informative series Toni invites us into in-depth conversations with fashion-industry pros,  exploring their childhood, how they started out, what they’re interested in and so much juicy advice for those who might be interested in fashion. Sure,  this idea isn’t a new one: celebs sharing stories on how they got their start, but what makes Toni’s series different is the authenticity. The details in the stories her guests share are packed with relatable content, reflecting the world right now, including culture and race. Like all of Toni’s IGTVs, she knows how to balance a good time with an empowering one. A brilliant watch, if we could, we’d give it several awards.

Create & Cultivate
Ask an Expert

You know when you have to google a certain topic you don’t really have knowledge on, spend the next hour or two reading up on it and still don’t know what it’s about? Waste your time no more! Tune into IGTV series ‘Ask an expert’ on Create & Cultivate. This series invites experts to teach and talk about any topic relating to empowering women. Whether it's a thought on self-care, relationships, business advice or mental health, ‘Ask an expert’ will cover it.Basic, it is not, these guest experts go into details and depth to tell you what you really need to hear. Full of solutions, you can even chat with these experts in real time. Because who doesn’t love to feel like they have their own therapist on Instagram speed dial.



Matches Fashion
At Home With

Charming and straight to the point is what ‘At home with’ is all about. It’s a brief under 10 minutes IGTV series from Matchesfashion, full of good vibes, quick content and that much-needed pick me up when you need it. On this series, guests with different specialties come to share their favourite activity, personal tips and tricks, and entertainment during quarantine. From a well-known director/photographer sharing his creativity on how to make a TikTok video to a model sharing what she would have for a midnight snack in her culture  we enjoyed every minute and immediately put it on our must-watch list.



Gia Peppers
Free Game Fridays

Gia Peppers is a journalist who dedicated her IGTV as a platform to support and empower ‘Black Women’. Gia uses her platform to invite public figures with a strong presence, people with voice for the community and successful women to talk and inspire other women. Showing Black women how powerful and fearless they are, we love how Gia brings to table the role models we need to see more of on our IG. More importantly, Gia encourages her fans to speak up and stand out about their own personal experiences as many Black women look to the support of each other more than ever right now.



Bianca Tatum
EIevate Your Brand

Elevation and branding are the two words that come to mind when thinking of Bianca Tatum’s IGTV series, with videos such as ‘Finding Your Influencer “Sweet Spot’” and ‘Creating with Intention”. She brings in Black female influencers and entrepreneurs —  ‘womenpreneurs’ as she likes to call them — to inspire others when it comes to building and elevating their brands. Bianca networks with people in a diverse field of careers, including web developers, sports publicists, and operations specialists and she even talks about her initial work in accounting, marketing, and PR relations, and how her creative side ended up rearing its head back into her life. We love how she’s enabled her passion for poetry and business to happily create and do what she loved in a professional setting, making her another inspiring Black content creator you should follow immediately.

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