A Look Into the Talented Woman

12 Aug , 2019

written by Martha Ngatchu. 

The brainchild of Indra Komarova, Talented, the brand, started in 2012 in the designer’s hometown of Riga, Latvia. Focusing on ready-to-wear clothing for men and women, Talented aims to inspire power through high quality fabrics, excellent tailoring and strong military aesthetic. 

The talented woman is “active, intelligent, passionate and [of course] talented” who has “no time for getting bored” explains the designer; her clothing naturally should reflect that ethos. Komarova channels these qualities into her designs by fusing movement, functionality and attention to detail with unexpected design twists. Each piece oozes a certain utilitarian sex appeal; powerful waisted silhouettes reflect the discipline and rigour of military parade clothing, whilst crisp natural fabrics, like cotton and linen, give each item a luxe yet practical feel. Overall, the brand evokes an understated but undeniable air of power yet maintains interest through deconstructed design elements and fun embellishments. 

The curated collection for Season 7 highlights the brands key strengths of blending the functional with the decorative. However, for SS19 colour palette takes a back seat allowing texture and movement to really shine through. Our favourite piece? The Asymmetric Blazer. It blends Talented’s traditional shirting roots with an unexpected twist via the asymmetric hem. It’s super comfortable and the diligent craftsmanship can be seen in the excellent finishing. It’s a piece that will certainly turn heads! 

1. What was the inspiration for the SS19 collection and its creative direction? 
Spring 2019 is about merge. Things and processes blend together making functional errors. Accelerated time acts as a centrifuge and makes our habitual boundaries blurred. Clothing in this context starts to create a new meaning, the decorative and functional lives closer than ever.

I’m inspired by women’s movement. I analyze the way she look at the mirror, how does she move, where does she look for pockets, turns around. It’s telling me what’s important for her, what does she want to show and what to hide.
Cotton and linen materials, usually used by TALENTED brand, are chosen in neutral colour range- white, beige, khaki, blue, black, leaving the main role to texture and volume.

2. Are there any favourite outerwear pieces? Any pieces tell a particular story? 
Definitely it’s the Asymmetric blazer. It shows our shirting roots and it’s really comfortable and chic. It has a beautiful inside as well.

3. Who is the Talented woman and what would you like her to feel whilst wearing your pieces? 
She is an active, intelligent, passionate and talented woman. She has no time for getting bored. I want women to feel more comfortable and confident. And if I’m able to give a bit more power to them I’m happy.

4. Why did you choose the military aesthetic for the brand?

 I love the functionality and clarity of it. I like the accented waistlines and sense of discipline of military parade clothing. And I find it sexy.

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