The Love of Discovery: Koibird

24 Jul , 2020

written by Natasha Dunn

Love of Discovery has returned and this week we’re setting our sights on Koibird! And nothing could fit more perfectly for Season 7’s intrepid journey through fashion’s best and brightest. This is because Koibird are on a similar journey, to inspire and motivate fashion forward women to look to their wilder side and adventure into style unknowns. So join us in this adventure and unearth the side of fashion you’ve never seen before!

Located in Marylebone, London, Koibird describe themselves as a concept boutique who’s main goal is to re-establish the joy of shopping and ensure that every visit to their store is a trip into the unrevealed and delightful. Founder, Belma Gaudio, speaks to adventure seeking women, not unlike herself, through carefully curated edits, transforming the shop floor to reflect themes inspired by art, travel and film. BOF describes the boutique as innovative in its aspirations to remodel the retail experience, and it could be argued that Gaudio’s desires take form in making every punter feel like a vacationer. One can only describe Koibird as a shock to the senses. The shop floor is a cacophony of colour which morphs its interior based on season, capsuling quirky ski wear in winter and funky beachwear in Summer. Tatler sight’s the origins of the boutique being born from Gaudio’s own frustrations in finding the perfect holiday wear. So naturally with Koibird, she hits the nail on the head and creates a space for all the ladies searching for the ideal cult clothing for their vacationing requirements.

So which designers do Koibird work with, in their never-ending mission to discover the most beautiful holiday wear from around the Globe? The list is both long and fabulous, including the footwear brand Shekudo, Nigerian designer Lisa Folawiyo, Columbian beachwear label Verdelimon and South African perfumery Saint D’ici, to add to their ever growing list of beauty products. And the list goes on! But the good news doesn’t stop there, thank the heavens above… Koibird are having a sale!!! And I’m the lucky girl who gets to pick Season 7’s, top 7 picks!

Coming in at number one has to be Angelys Balek’s metallic gold Ruffle One Piece. If you’re a fan of ruffles and want to add a bit of excitement to your swimwear collection, then this all in one suit is just the thing for you. Originally priced at £175.00, its now dropped to only £90.00, by my standards that’s a bargain and a half. Next on the list are Staud’s luminous green Franka Feathered Sandals. Made from leather, with a block heel and an Ostrich feather trim, these are the perfect statement piece for long nights spent at the pool bar with your girlfriends. So, chuck out your flip-flops and these quirky little heels for only £140.00. And guess what, I’ve found a dress to match! Lisa Folawiyo’s Layered Maxi Dress, also makes an appearance in sheer green, with puff sleeves, finished with a beautifully crafted pink print and a smattering of diamante’s.  It’s also worth noting that the price has dropped astronomically from £1,255.00 to £630.00. How about a Kiwi Clutch? Serpui’s unorthodox purse bag is fashioned from woven straw with an added gold strap for ease, making it a must needed accessory for only £135.00. Now for a pop of pink, the Amina Dress is the Nicholas brands ode to summer. Tiered and floaty, the now £220.00 dress, screams fun in the sun and it’s all over block colour is sure to make you shine brighter. I do love a print, and I hope you do too, because next on my list is Super Yaya’s Diana 2020 Dress! A combination of blue and yellow on the front and full block green at the back, this sleek midi dress is flawless in its ability to dress you up, or down, and will be £470.00 well spent.  And last but not least, no holiday wear collection is complete without a pair of summery wide legged trousers. And sure enough, Koibird has not forgotten about that! Studio 189 provides the Organic Cotton Wide-Leg Pants with a high waist and an all over symmetrical striped print. Comfort and class rolled up into one pair of trousers, and now only £285.00!

Apart from my apparent obsession with the colour green, there’s another lesson we’ve all learned today and that’s to get yourself to Marylebone to see the marvel that is Koibird with your own eyes. And if you’re still not up for a trip to the shops, then visit the website, which is a sight to behold in itself. Don’t let anything get in the way of your journey in discovery and allow yourself to be inspired by the power of fashion. And never fear, as Season 7 is always here to help. Let us know your top picks from the website and feel free to share your experiences in this crazy world of fashion!


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