The Love of Discovery: Kai Collective

04 May , 2020

written by Natasha Dunn

We see it as our personal mission to hunt out those top new designers vying for space in this famously competitive industry and oh boy, have we found a good one! The Kai Collective, created by lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur and designer Fisayo Longe in 2016, offers an eclectic range of daring designs woven from the best materials in order to bring her customer luxury clothing at an affordable price. But let’s be honest, affordability isn’t all a girl is looking for when it comes to her wardrobe. Originality, style with the added wiggle room left for self-expression are undeniably the top three on my list. And it just so happens that the Kai Collective provides you with the opportunity to explore all three, with the added extra of not breaking the bank. So, tear yourself away from the online clutches of whatever ‘big-time’ brand your browsing and share in the excitement and creativity of Fisayo Longe’s Kai Collective. It’s time to get inspired!

Umi Dress in Red Vegan Leather
Umi Deep Red Vegan Leather Kai Collective Dress
Gaia Dress
£155Kai Collective Gaia Dress


The British-Nigerian designer, takes inspiration from her African routes in order to create pieces such as the gloriously ruched Xyla skirt, to the short and sweet Nadya blouse and finally, but not limited to, vegan leather Umi Dress, which is my personal favourite I might add. If you’re endlessly searching for a pop of colour and statement sleeves, I’m happy to inform you that your search is now over. With a range wiggle dresses, floral prints and velvety hues, Longe provides a diverse range of seasonal clothing whilst additionally catering to a diverse range of women. And although there is a definite component of brand aesthetic in all pieces in her collections, (which you could argue are sourced from Fisayo’s own distinctive style) there are additionally elements of accommodating to a range of different women with a range of different styles. A strong focus on silhouette, displayed by a sundry mixture of models truly conveys a brand which is all encompassing for the multi-faceted ‘everywoman’.

£55                                         £120

Babita Dress Beige

But all of the above will not come as a shock when you look in more detail at their creator. A long-time advocate for womenkind, it is Fisayo’s mission to empower women and allow them to embrace their femininity in whichever shape this takes form. And not only through her clothing range does this potential empowerment take place. Longe’s determination in creating an all-female task force, mainly based in Africa, is both admirable and boundary pushing. There is no place for sexism in this designer’s world, only trail-blazing freedom.


Nadya Shirt in Yellow

£55                                         £120

The Kai Collective is certainly a looking glas into what can be achieved through hard graft, unlimited passion, and talent. From blogging to designing Fisayo, takes no prisoners. The collection features everything you could possibly desire from luxury to beach wear, casual indie style dresses to glamorous bardot’s and so much more. All that’s left now is to get shopping, I know I certainly will be. Oh and P.S. there’s a sale on, take that for perfect timing.

Umi Dress in Black Vegan Leather

Bea Dress Cotton Powder Blue





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