The Love of Discovery: 'Who Decides War'

08 Jul , 2020

written by Natasha Dunn

We’re back again with another Love of Discovery and this week, we’re highlighting emerging streetwear brand ‘Who Decides War’. The name alone is enough to ignite curiosity. From the first few moments of scrolling through their website, I was immediately intrigued, by their alternative and fresh display of streetwear. ‘Who Decides War’ is a brand to discover and one to watch.

Behind this forward-thinking (black owned) streetwear label is its designer, MRDR BRVDO, previously known as Ev Bravado. Collaborating repeatedly with the likes of Virgil Abloh, this designer is unafraid to challenge the industry in terms of both sustainability and the message that fashion aims to illuminate. Instead of eye catching, nonsensical messages often used and abused within the Highstreet, BRVDO looks to the brighter and aims to celebrate all that is positive through his unorthodox DIY collections. As quoted in Coveteur, MRDR wants to draw attention to the importance of self-care and human well-being.  The name, ‘Who Decides War’ has equally interesting origins. BRVDO describes war as a spectrum, that cannot be controlled by a single entity, and unilaterally, it is a conflict that is agonised over both personally and globally, making the positive mission of his brand all the more vital.

MRDR BRVDO used his SS20 Paris show to debut a complete re-vamp of his brand, and thus Who Decides War was born through a re-telling of the biblical story of Adam and Eve. The show was appropriately named ‘Fall From Grace’. But in a blunt irony, his Spring/Summer collection could never be described as anything such. His denim capsule alone is nothing short of dazzling and features reconstructed jeans designed in the cargo pant fashion, the wonderfully named Green Monster Denim with semi-symmetrical rips, skinny fit embroidered trousers encapsulated in mesh patchwork, the colourful ‘What Can We Do To Give Up’ beaded boot-cut jean and so much more!  But BRVDO did not rely on denim alone to wow his audience, his T-shirts are blends of biblical iconography told through contemporary artistry and the collection also features a cotton pullover emblazoned with BRVDO’s infamous anti 666 logo, which works as both a figurehead and brand mission for Who Decides War. For a full breakdown of the SS20 runway presentation, check out Hypebeast for all the details!

BRVDO’s label is a re-birth in eloquent and creative storytelling through the guise of clothing. And unlike so many others, he is opposed to focusing on purely dark and belligerent themes. There is always deep thought behind his pieces and never the urge to use shock tactics for the simple sake of it. But it is not only his capability in communicating narrative which is to be praised, his ability in taking traditional design methods and re-constructing them is admirable and intricate. His talent speaks volumes throughout his collection and pushed the authenticity of streetwear. ‘Who Decides War’ is not only available through the brand website, but additionally through retail giants such as SSENSE and Mr Porter. With so much to discover in the world of fashion, MRDR BRVDO’s notorious brand should definitely be your next port of call. Let us know some of your favourite pieces and in the meantime, we’ll be hunting down more brands to aid your path through this.

'Who Decides War' Signature Kargo Denim

Who Decides War Black Owned Fashion Brand Signature Kargo Denim


'Who Decides War' Green Monster Denim

'Who Decides War' Black Owned Fashion Brand Green Monster Denim

'Who Decides War' Embellished Printed Self Beaded Denim

'Who Decides War' Black Owned Fashion Brand What can we do to give up Self Beaded Denim


'Who Decides War' Anti 666 Sweatshirt

'Who Decides War' Black Owned Fashion Brand Anti 666 Sweatshirt

'Who Decides War' Black Screen Printed Tee

'Who Decides War' Black Owned Fashion Brand Your Own Ears Creation Tee

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