The Love of Discovery: Bianca Saunders

22 Jun , 2020

written by Natasha Dunn


Season 7’s search for up and coming designers is a never-ending mission. We are continually on the hunt for the best and brightest to inspire our readers in their personal fashion journey. And who better than the London based menswear designer Bianca Saunders. If Saunders brand is unbeknownst to you then there’s no time for delay, prepare for a rollercoaster ride of style at its finest! Through her individualistic collections, Saunders is a key player in the re-shaping of modern masculinity via the guise of fashion.

Bianca Saunders
Born in London, Saunders has garnered a magnitude of accolades, ranging from her graduation at The Royal College of Arts, to her four successful seasons’ showing at London Fashion Week. BFC named her as ‘One To Watch’ and oh boy, did they get that spot on. Drawing on her Jamaican roots and Black-Caribbean ancestry Saunders conducts a transformation of fashion for the modern man, which focuses on the cut of clothing to highlight movement within her pieces. There is a misconception in the industry that menswear is somewhat limited, Saunders bats this notion right out of the park. AW20 featured black ruffled ‘short-shorts’ with checkered knee high socks, denim co-ords reminiscent of the wild west and blue starry sky’s and pops of red, orange and blue in fine silky hues. And this was only one of her collections, there’s been netted vests in a range of colours and crops, unconventional puffer jacket’s, PVC trousers in deep tonal burgundies and the alteration of the classic white tee with simple yet quirky ruching. Bianca’s reconstructive tailoring is superb, but her collections speak louder than fine needlework alone. She looks to explore and challenge ideas around masculinity, race and sexuality and completes this task beautifully with both styling and the presentation of brand events.

But Saunders does not receive praise for her collection’s alone. Her Nearness exhibition in Brixton took place during Black History Month and broke through the realm of fashion into art, whilst successfully exploring identity, culture and relationships. But this is not the only time this designer has punctuated artistry into her creative practice. In the early hours of the morning, the East End of London watched in anticipation for the showcasing of Bianca Saunders’ AW20 debut. And it did not disappoint, as male models unapologetically danced encapsulated in satin booths whilst spectators watched in awe. This unique variation on the classical catwalk culminated in high acclaim and is undoubtedly a fresh and artistic take on how such events may proceed in the future.

Bianca Saunders Beige Trench Coat


Beige Belted Trench Coat- Bianca Saunders available at Matches

Bianca Saunders Layered Denim Jacket
Layered Denim Jacket - Bianca Saunders - available at Matches Fashion

Bianca Saunders Wrapped Waist Trousers

Wrapped Waist Beige Trousers - Available at Matches Fashion 

Bianca Saunders Ruched Checked Shorts
Ruched Checked Shorts - Bianca Saunders - available at Matches Fashion

Bianca Saunders is not only an inspirational designer, but also an inspirational individual, how many of us can claim to have been listed on the Forbes ’30 Under 30’ list. So, I urge you not only to look at Saunders’ brand, but her story and her success. And what a story! At the age of 27 Saunders has jumped from art school to becoming one of the most coveted and successful designers in the industry. And you cannot help but being left with the sense that she is no way near the finish line and there is so much more that Saunders has to offer the world of fashion.  Trail blazing designs not only provide an alternative perspective on fashion for the contemporary man but set a precedent for designers in the construction of future menswear collections. But ladies do not feel left out! Although Saunders is advertised as a menswear designer, most of her pieces can act in a uni-sex fashion as demonstrated in her Nearness exhibition. Understandably you will now want to proceed with one of the most exciting aspects of fashion, the shopping of course! The Bianca Saunders collection can be found not only on her website but at stockists such as Matches Fashion, SSENSE and Machine-A. There’s no time to waste, get online and get inspired!

Bianca Saunders Recline x Trop Michie T-Shirt - White
Wrapped Waist Trousers - Bianca Saunders - Available at Machine A

Bianca Saunders Harlem Yellow Shirt

Bianca Saunders - Harlem Yellow Shirt - available at Machine A

Bianca Saunders Wrap Waist Trousers in Grey
Bianca Saunders Grey Wrap Waist Trousers - Available at Machine A

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