The Love of Discovery: pushBUTTON

25 May , 2020

written by Natasha Dunn

It is easy to get lost in fashion and even easier to find yourself in a rut, shopping at the same places repeatedly. And who can blame you, the search for a new brand can undeniably present a daunting task. But alas, do not fear, for Season 7 has got your back and we won’t stop in our exploration for those up and coming brands to aid you in your fashion discovery journey. And this week we present you with an absolute treat in the form of the Korean based brand, Pushbutton. If you’re looking to add a bit of ‘quirk’ to your wardrobe, Seung-Gun Park’s, eclectic range of gender-neutral pieces is an absolute must! Contemporary with a retro twist and defiance against the same old tedious silhouettes, you are sure to find the perfect statement piece amongst Park’s swathes of unique ensembles. Oh, and it’s not just clothing he has to offer! Spending the majority of my life as an unavoidably bespectacled person, I was delighted to discover Pushbuttons funky eyewear collection! So, join me in my trek through the fashion jungle and discover one of Korea’s finest designers, after all it would be rude to keep it to myself.

Founded in 2003, Park takes inspiration from the 1980’s, even so far as to naming the brand after a line in a song from one of the 80’s most infamous stars, Madonna. But that’s not his only source of influence, he also looks to movies and music, quite understandably as Park is a former K-Pop Star himself. Seung-Gun has had an eclectic career and his collections are no misnomer. Browsing through his E-boutique you’ll see that this designer is unafraid to be daring. He plays with the traditional silhouette and twists them into bold new shapes, he experiments with sports luxe yet is not wary of the frilly and feminine. This is luxury, but for the young at heart, the fun and the quirky. Take his Pleat Swing Dress, in pastel purple it does not immediately overwhelm, but there’s a twist. The top swings with the bottom in a flurry of perfect pleat’s and when put into motion it is nothing short of divine. But it does not stop there, have a gander at the Back Square Stripe Shirt, which is business at the front and party in the back, or how about a playsuit- come boiler suit, a throwback to 80’s pop culture if ever there was one. And who can forget the eyewear! If you’re in the market for a statement pair of sunglasses or just a ‘level-up’ from your boring specs, then start browsing immediately.

Honestly, I could gush on forever. But now I’ll answer the question on everyone’s mind. Where can I shop Pushbutton?! Alongside the E-boutique, you can shop Park’s fabulous collection at a barrage of stockists, which includes names such as Net-a-porter and Or if online shopping is simply not your thing, you can find brick and mortar retailers, including Harvey Nichols, amongst the list, which can be located on the Pushbutton website. Unfortunately, I will have to leave this week’s fashion journey here, but I’ll be back shortly with another brand ripe for exploration, and I don’t know about you, but in the meantime I’ll be dreaming of those bold square frame sunglasses. Bliss.

 pushBUTTON Belt Bag-detailed Draped Dress
£680pushbutton Belt bag-detailed draped wool-crepe midi dress net aporter


Printed Cotton-jersey Track Pants
pushbutton Printed cotton-jersey track pants net a porter

Layered Pleated Poplin Mini Dress
pushbutton Layered pleated checked cotton-blend poplin mini dress

Acid-wash denim midi skirt
Acid-wash denim midi skirt pushbutton net a porter


Faux Leather and Checked Twill Blazer + Layered Checked Twill Straight-leg pants
£585 / £415

Paneled faux leather and checked twill blazer and pants

Acid-wash denim and checked flannel jacket  + Patchwork straight-leg jeans
£510 / £265
Paneled acid-wash denim and checked flannel jacket and straight leg jeans

Belted Cutout Cotton-canvas Tapered Pants

Oversized Cutout Cotton Jumpsuit
Oversized cutout cotton jumpsuit pushbutton net a porter




Many people are intimidated by the word fashion, but don't quite understand fashion wouldn't exist without style. We as people have the power to set trends and/or express ourselves in the most reflective way possible. Season 7 is constantly on the prowl for emerging designers because 1. they need just as much support as the big businesses 2. when you find good talent, it would be selfish not to share and 3. staying on top of fresh new designers will keep your style and creativity fresh and inspiring as well. This is not to promote excessive buying and shopping, but more so to explore the realm of originality. Whether you buy 1 item or 5, make sure you know whats out there. Allow yourself to fall in love.


There's a power in discovery - it ignites creativity and originality.The experience is exciting, inspiring and almost enchanting. Don't miss out.

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