The Love of Discovery: Lee Wei

28 Apr , 2020

written by Blair Naima 



Many people are intimidated by the word fashion, but don't quite understand fashion wouldn't exist without style. We as people have the power to set trends and/or express ourselves in the most reflective way possible. Season 7 is constantly on the prowl for emerging designers because 1. they need just as much support as the big businesses 2. when you find good talent, it would be selfish not to share and 3. staying on top of fresh new designers will keep your style and creativity fresh and inspiring as well. This is not to promote excessive buying and shopping, but more so to explore the realm of originality. Whether you buy 1 item or 5, make sure you know whats out there. Allow yourself to fall in love.


There's a power in discovery - it ignites creativity and originality.The experience is exciting, inspiring and almost enchanting. Don't miss out.





China is known to produce great fashion talent, so there's no surprise that there are phenomenal designers continuing to emerge from this creative haven. Recently, we came across a brand called Lee Wei - a women's ready to wear brand from Shanghai - committed to inspiring the artistic expression of modern women. They showcase a strong attention to detail and aim to evoke emotion and inspire uniqueness through their collection. Practicing fair trade and ethical standards, Lee Wei also donates 5% of their revenue to charities that help create a more sustainable future for our planet.


Two seasons in, Lee Wei provides a luxury aesthetic at an accessible price point. Here are some of our favourite pieces from their latest collection.


$199 (about £160)

Lee Wei Hulpi Coat

Lee Wei Hulpi Grey Trench Coat


Banz Top
$139 (about £112)

Lee Wei Banz Top with petal slit sleeves

Lee Wei Banz Top with petal slit sleeves


$149 (about £120)

Lee Wei Cut out Blazer


$149 (about £120)

Lee Wei Vegan Leather Bodysuit


$119 (about £96)





$89 (about £72)

Lee wei KAQI SHORTS with outer skirt layer


We are loving the artistry and playful yet contemporary touch of Lee Wei's collection. What are some of your favourite pieces? 

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