The Love of Discovery: A.W.A.K.E. Mode

29 Jun , 2020

written by Natasha Dunn

We’re back again this week and bring you a brand that is sure to make your style senses tingle! Very much like fashion, the world of art can also make one feel as if they are entering unknown and murky waters. But after a quick scroll through the A.W.A.K.E Mode Instagram feed, I’m sure you will be more than happy to dive with me into the mystery and discover the devilishly delightful realm of both fashion and art combined. It is undeniable that
Natalia Alaverdian’s unique fashion house provides for that complicated ‘in-between’ land which mixes the arts and clothing together, but additionally provides for wear-ability. Almost unheard of on the modern catwalk scene! There’s the perfect tailoring that is expected of a high-end luxury brand, but with a minimalistic forethought for the contemporary, which has created the simply stunning pieces that are available from the A.W.A.K.E Mode website. This is the epitome of style, so don’t miss out and buckle up for an injection of elegant sophistication too good to miss. 

Like many of her story telling ensembles, Alaverdian’s London based brand has a deeper meaning which is delivered via the name itself. Founded in 2012, A.W.A.K.E is in fact an acronym for ‘All Wonderful Adventures Kindle Enthusiasm’ and isn’t that the truth, I’m having a wonderful adventure just browsing through the shoe section of the website. From the Ken Sandals to the Mrs Right Angle Mules, it’s an affair of the most satisfactory aesthetic conclusions. But shoes are not the only thing on offer! Oh knitwear, my second greatest love, coming shortly after the shoe itself. Or is a much-needed re-vamp of your accessory collection required? A.W.A.K.E Mode is the only place you should be looking to find that piece of jewellery that all the girls will be asking about. But where does this designer find her inspiration? Well Natalia has enjoyed both an eclectic and exciting career which ranges from styling to photography and even art direction. She is a woman of many talents and appears to have all the necessary gadgets in her creative tool kit. But Alaverdian does not shy away from finding influence in the modicum of everyday life, citing art, culture and even the medium of film. She looks to the Animal Kingdom and history to form those stylishly seductive collections and infuses art into her craft of fine tailoring and contemporary silhouetting. However, Japanese art and culture have to be given credit as her main centre of influence, which can be discerned through the many skilfully designed dresses, which take the beautiful Kimono shape and transform it into the modern.

A.W.A.K.E Mode is a treasure trove of fashion forward innovation. And even if you visit with your only intention being to browse, you’re sure to find the individuality and encouragement you need in the development of your own distinct style. However, like me you may not be able to prevent a purchase when an exemplary find is so obviously placed within your sight. And if that is the case then head over to the E-Boutique or to one of the many stockists which include fashion giants such as Net-a-Porter and Harvey Nichols. Don’t hesitate in becoming thoroughly enveloped in the glory of a newfound, individualistic brand. But don’t go just yet! I have one more recommendation you won’t be able to resist. Direct your attention to the London Fashion Week A.W.A.K.E Mode collections page and check out all the past and present Natalia Alaverdian has to offer. Trust me, you will not regret it!!

A.W.A.K.E. Mode Pink Skirt with Side Gathering

Pink Skirt with Side Gathering -AWAKE Mode
A.W.A.K.E. Mode Ginger Stone Pleated Coat
Awake Mode Ginger Stone Pleated coat
A.W.A.K.E. Mode Red Ring Dress
Awake Mode Red Ring Dress

A.W.A.K.E. Mode Large Lucy Bag in Light Beige
Awake Mode Large Lucy Bag Light beige
awake-mode large-lucy-bag-beige

A.W.A.K.E. Mode Blue Helga Bag
awake mode Helga Bag Blue

A.W.A.K.E. Mode Lilac Jane Sandals
awake mode Jane Sandals Lilac

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